Henning Fangauf is the Deputy Director of the Children’s and Young People’s Theatre Centre in the Federal Republic of Germany (KJTZ). He studied German Literature and History in Hamburg. From 1981 to 1989 he was in-house dramaturge for the City Theatres in Coburg, Osnabrueck and Bremen. The current focus of his work is the promotion of playwrights and international exchange in children’s and young people’s theatre. He is a member of the board of directors of „World Interplay“ as well as presiding chairman of „Interplay Europe“, a society for the promotion of young European dramatists. In addition, Mr. Fangauf has published several books about drama and children’s and young people’s literature. He is also member of the theatre board of the Goethe-Institute, Munich.                                  
 Some books written or edited by Henning Fangauf:
Schreibwerkstatt Kindertheater. Beiträge und Gespräche zur zeitgenössischen Dramatik. Medien und Theater, Band 6. Hildesheim, 1996.
Blickwechsel. Fünf Stücke für ein Theater der Generationen. Wilhelmshaven, 1997. Dramatik aus Polen. Stücke von Liliana Bardijewska, Krystyna Choloniewska, Radoslaw Figura und Piotr Tomaszuk. Wilhelmshaven, 2001.
Jugendtheaterstücke. Ein kleiner Schauspielführer. Assitej Deutschland, 2003.
Transfer. German Plays for Young Audiences in Translation. Assitej  Deutschland, 2002. Jugendtheater im Deutschunterricht. Frankfurt, 2007.
Lectures and Workshops (Excerpt)                                                                  
Contemporary Drama in Germany”
Invited by Goethe-Institute Kiev, Ukraine 1999
Invited by Goethe-Institute Osaka, Japan 2002
Invited by “Imaginate – Bank of Scotland Festival” and Goethe Institute Glasgow 2006
Invited by Walsh Youth Theatre Festival 2012
Theatre for Children and Young People in Germany”
Invited by Servicio Social Comercio (SESC) and Goethe-Institute Sao Paulo, Brazil 2000
Invited by “Take-Off” Festival, South Shield, England 2003
Invited by “FITAZ” Festival, La Paz and Goethe-Institute La Paz, Bolivien 2004
Invited by Festival “Te Veo” Zamora and Goethe-Institute Madrid, 2005
Invited by Goethe-Institute Barcelona 2009 and 2011
Drama-Workshop with young Playwrights
Invited by Necessary Stage, Singapore 2001
Invited by “Luaga & Losna” Festival, Austria 2003
Invited by “World Interplay”, Townsville, Australia 1998. 2000, 2003, 2007
“Teaching German by Playing Theatre”
Invited by Goethe-Institute Kiev, Ukraine 2001
Invited by Goethe-Institute Casablanca, 2011
“Emerging Playwrights from Germany and Europe”
Invited by Company of Angels, London 2004 (together with Lutz Hübner)
Invited by ASSITEJ World Congress and Goethe-Institute, Montreal 2005

“Deutschstunde” – Drama for Young Audience as Part of German School Curriculum
Invited by Lehrerbildungs-Institut Santiago / Goethe-Institute Santiago de Chile 2007
Invited by Goethe-Institute Bordeaux, France 2008
„Theatre and School“
Invited by Universitat Autònoma Barcelona, Spain 2008

Date: September 2012



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